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20230401 Smokey 02.jpg


Black Roan Lykoi

Smokey is visiting us from Beeblebrox and currently raising a beautiful litter out of Egon.  We adore our Smokey kitten, Potion, who is out in CFA rings now and with plans to begin our next generation this summer. 


Smokey is a sweetie, loves attention, and loves to play, explore, and keeps up a constant chatter of bleps and trills that is hysterical.  An excellent Momma, "Smokey Jo" is just a hoot.  She has a lovely moderate degree of roaning, striking golden eyes, and solid masking with nice coat, though currently is in molt with raising her litter.  (She has plans for glamour shots in the future when her current mothering duties are complete.)


Blue Roan Lykoi

Miss Echo is an active, neck wrap kind of cat.  She's sweet, more submissive, and loves her people.  Echo is a wheel running fiend and loves her treats.  This cat has more vocalization variation than anything I've seen and she tells all kinds of stories to me every morning.​

Echo is currently expecting a litter this spring.





Black Roan Lykoi with Gold Eyes

Potion is our avid mousie hunter, loving a good game of fetch and retrieve with her fuzzy mice.  She'll bring it back time and time again just for the thrill of the chase!  She does have an odd fascination of drowning her fuzzy mice and we have to fish her toy from the water bowl every morning.  Potion is in the CFA rings now showing for her Grand Champion title and will be joining the Queen list later in 2024.

This girl has personality for days and the perfect golden eyes.  She's got great body, a pleasing personality, and her coat is beautiful.  Her purr box is amazing and she's a momma's girl.  We can't wait for what the future brings with these rising stars!



Blue Lykoi (Polydactyl)

Indigo is a sweet, playful, lovable goofus that brings her mother's beautiful body, sweet face and personality to the future.  Pictured here at 5 months of age, Indy is a polydactyl (mitten-toed cat), like her mother, which I personally adore, but plan to keep normal-pawed progeny for the breeding program as we move forward.

In considering the Lykoi standard and our long-term goal of breeding with improvement towards standard, Indigo has a lot of positive traits to move forward, and being heterozygous for polydactyly, which is a dominant gene, she will produce some kittens with mitten-toes and some without, making it easy to eliminate the gene in the next generation (while making a few stunning mitty-toed lykoi for people who want a big-mitted wolfie pet).   Indigo, like momma Katie-Kitty, and grandmomma Boetzsche before her, have outstanding personality, body, and gorgeous expression and we are greatly looking forward to those traits improving our lykoi moving into the future.  

While Indigo can't show with her extra lovable digits, she will watch her future children hit the rings some day. 

We are hopeful for a litter with Raven and Indigo this spring.  Stay tuned!


Dominant Blue-Eyed, Black Roan Lykoi

Juneau is a sweet little Etta baby with the dominant blue-eyed gene which can create blue or odd eyed variants.  Juneau decided being limited to just one option wouldn't do, so she's showing a bit of both, nearly blue-eyed, but with a green tinge in her right eye, she shows a beautifully subtle heterochromia and has a look all her own.  Pictured here at 4 months of age, this little cutie is hitting the CFA rings this season and we can't wait to see her shine.  Juneau loves to hang out with my son, purring and snuggling into his shirt for hours.  She's a toy fiend, as well, and thinks feather teaser toys are the absolute bomb!   She's got Momma Etta's lovely expression and refinement and we can't wait to see her mature.


Winter Etta_edited.jpg



Black Roan Lykoi

Etta is a quirky little madam, a bit bossy, and about as much dog as she is cat.  She sits up for treats, grabs them in the air, takes directions for heeling, jumping up, and loves to run on her wheel.  Etta always has an opinion on everything, vocalized in a haggard old-lady meow, and is an absolute stitch to be around.

Etta is now retired with plans to show in CFA premier!  Look for her daughter, Juneau, in the CFA rings this season.


Blue Lykoi Outcross

Katie Kitty is a gorgeous blue outcrossed lykoi (fully coated) with some roaning present.  She is out of a color-pointed mother and has produced blue and blue-pointed kittens paired with Egon, some with blue eyes or odd eyes.  

In considering the Lykoi standard and our long-term goal of breeding with improvement towards standard - Katie is a polydactyl lykoi outcross.  While she produced as expected, both standard and polydactyl lykoi and their furry counterparts, selection will bring her desirable traits forward to future lykoi generations.   Her personality, body, eye color, and expression are gorgeous and we have kept a daughter to move to the next generation.  Indigo is a blue polydactyl lykoi who will produce both standard pawed lykoi kittens as well as polydactyls. 

Look for her daughter, Indigo, to join our next Lykoi generation in 2024!

20210103 Katie 01.jpg
Yuki (Square).jpg


Black Roan Lykoi

Yuki is a lively, athletic girl who loves a good meal, adores attention and pets, and is a wonderful mother, keeping a watchful eye over the wee ones.  She has stunning bright yellow eyes and a darker roan coat.  Check out our Litters page to view some of her progeny.

Yuki visited Faolan from Beeblebrox Sphynx & Lykoi.


White/Dilute Lykoi Outcross

Foo Foo is the result of outcrossing a black roan lykoi to a white haired cat, resulting in white lykoi outcrosses that also carry the dilute gene.  Foo Foo is a sweet faced, cat with a plush, cobby body and personality to spare.  This young lady loves her toys and is a very good momma.

Foo Foo visited from Beeblebrox Sphynx & Lykoi.

2018-07-21 Taz x Shoo 6 weeks (5).jpg


Blue Lykoi Outcross

Shoo is a gorgeous blue lykoi outcross with a soft, sweet personality and a loving manner.  Shoo visited Faolan for a litter, producing blues and whites including one lovely blue Lykoi male.  Shoo visited Faolan from Beeblebrox Sphynx & Lykoi.

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